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DCP, or Digital Cinema Projection, has emerged as the world standard for projection of digital cinema onto the big screen. The process of DCP mastering is complicated, technical and expensive. Therefore, it had always been the domain of big studios, which charge a fortune for this.

Not anymore. At FILMWALLAH™ we give you the best of world standard, using the same hardware and software, to fulfil your big-screen projection dreams. The DCPs mastered by us have been tested and certified by Qube and Scrabble in India. They have run on various projection servers including those at National Awards, International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Rotterdam Film Festival, Chicago Film Festival, Montreal Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival, Kolkata International Film Festival, Kerala International Film Festival and MAMI. We have also collaborated with producers for commercial release of a few films with our DCPs in Kolkata sector.

We can make DCI compliant DCPs in Interop as well as SMPTE standards and with different frame-rates. Those who have shot their films in 25 fps or 29.97 fps can come to us for a world standard mastering, guaranteed for projection on big screen. While we normally work on 2K platform, if you need 3D or 4K DCPs, we can provide that too. We can provide both encrypted as well as unencrypted DCPs depending on your need.

We are the only studio in this region to have got the affiliation from the International body of digital cinema, the Intersociety Digital Cinema Forum (ISDCF), who gave us our unique code after checking our DCPs.

Despite all this, our rates are affordable and probably the lowest in the world. This, because we have and always will, support Cinema from Independent filmmakers.